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Quality of workmanship is something that is important in any line of endeavour but it is of critical importance in construction. Keady have put quality front and centre to everything we do. We are a main contractor with a difference as 40% of the work is completed with our own direct labour and this allows us to set the right tone in all our projects. As we are not just providing a management resource like so many other contractors, we are better able to relate to the workforce of our subcontractors as we experience first hand the challenges they face on a daily basis.


We have a quality management system in place for all of our projects that is fully explained to all the trades as they come onto to site and we insist that it is maintained up to date. As we use tablets on site our records are mostly pictorial these days which gives further reassurance to our clients. Our quality plan and record keeping are easily accessible to all. To help push our agenda on quality still further we now have an in-house quality dept. This dept has 2 quality inspectors that visit our sites unannounced on a monthly basis so that they can check the sites are implementing our quality plan and then to inspect the workmanship on site.  We also have a ‘contractor of the month’ award that is highly valued amongst the subcontractors as the prize is given to the site operatives involved. Quality of workmanship is a big deciding factor on which contractor is chosen. 

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